Graham Slee Elevator EXP - MC Step-up Amplifier

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More Information about Graham Slee Elevator EXP - MC Step-up Amplifier

Linked to a high quality MM preamp, the Elevator MC step up delivers stunning performance. Just check out the reviews/opinions below and those on the Graham Slee website. Ask about our 30 day home trial.


  • Input range 0.15mV to 0.8mV
  • Output (for input range) 2mV to 10mV, suitable for a moving magnet phono stage input
  • Maximum input 378mV rms (a very large overload margin)
  • Maximum output 4.914V rms
  • Gain 22dB (13) < 10Hz to 917kHz (-3dB points)
  • Input impedance 23, 30, 100, 840, 1000, 5100 and 47000 Ohms
  • Output (driving/source) impedance 300 Ohm
  • Recommended load impedance 47k Ohms phono stage preamp input
  • Noise at output -99dB CCIR Q-pk
  • Distortion 0.02%
  • Frequency response < 10Hz to 917kHz (-3dB points)
  • Channel balance 0.2dB
  • Channel separation 64dB
  • Size (approx.) W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 180 (mm) inc. jacks

Hi I'm new to this forum my name is Doug. I have been using the Reflex M and the Elevator EXP for over a year and just love the sound. The wife and I tried many different phono stages before we tried the Grahm Slee. A little background we have Martin Logan Vantage speakers Simaudio W5.3 power amp McIntosh C2200 tubed pre amp Pro-Jects 10.1 turntable withe Benz micro SLR Gullwing cart and Cardas Clear and Golden ref cables. Just last week we brought in a friends McIntosh C2300 tubed pre amp with MC phono stage. Well we unplugged the C2200 and the Grahm Slee phono stage and gave it a listen. We played it for a few hours to get a fell for the sound. We then went back to my set up and WOW what a difference. The Grahm Slee sounded so much better the highs were so much better and the bass was well just like we turned up the volume.Sowhat I guess I'm trying to say is we love the sound we are getting from our Grahm Slee phono pre amps Cheers Doug
- forum member: wolfman

OK I'm going to nail my colours to the mast... Lucio has banned us from saying "best I've ever heard" "never heard anything as good" etc as it begs the question "compared to what?" and is often meaningless hype. But here I've listed the runners and riders, added the caveat "in my system and room" and finally "to my ears", so here goes. The Era Gold + Elevator EXP is the best phono combination for MC's I've ever heard - period...
- Geoff Husband, TNT Audio, July 2002

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Graham Slee -  Phenomenal phomo stages and amplifiers manufactured in the UK

Dayens - Stunning amplifiers that will compete with amps at twice their price 

Atacama -  Seriously high performing equipment supports that also look great


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