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I am selling an excellent range of High-End Audio items that I have put together as fantastic package which I offer to you. It comprises of:-

1 x Vincent SA-96 Pre-Amplifier with MP3 playback
1 x Focal XS Active Book speakers
1 x Focal Spirit One award winning headphones
1 x Lexar 32gb USB stick
1 x £25 iTunes voucher

Vincent SA-96 Pre-Amplifier

The SA-96, from Vincent which is known for quality and engineering from this German company, is deceptively small but is large on performance and power. It is an excellent headphone amplifier and, as an additional function, a USB input. This allows you to play your music choice by means of a USB stick or another MP3 player. In this case, the player is operated via the SA-96. It comes in silver with a remote control and a pair of OFC RCA-RCA terminated cables.

Focal XS Book Speakers

Extremely compact and stylishly simple, yet a powerful and dynamic performer, the XS Book's clear and accurate sound makes it a technological gem. The XS Book's performance is so convincing that it can easily fill a small room with a large sound. Focal's XS Book Speakers give you a powerful self-amplified desktop music system that delivers stunning sound quality. The perfect sonic inspiration for your Computer, your iPhone/iPad or your iPod, these speakers bring music and sound to life vibrantly and personally.

20 watt per channel Class A/B amplifier
Green design 0.5W standby consumption
Tuned ports for deep bass power and true dynamics
Aluminium high-frequency tweeters for crisp sound
Polyglass mid-range drivers unlock richest textures

Focal Spirit One Headphones

Spirit One is an award winning mobile headphone with a neat, upscale design: a resolutely modern look, made of carefully selected materials and a remote control for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Spirit One is also a very lightweight: thanks to its aluminum frame, it only weighs 225 grams. Its adjustable headband, swivel earphones and sleek pads make it an easy-to-wear high-fidelity headphone.
Although it’s comfy, lightweight and mobile, Spirit One remains first and foremost a Focal headphone – in other words, an audiophile headphone. Its closed-back, circumaural design covers the whole ear to offer cutting-edge sound insulation. Sound reproduction is optimal: punchy, tight bass, no smearing and refined, sharp mids that are full and highly detailed, plus a wide bandwidth. Tonal respect, definition, yield and dynamics are all waiting for you!
These come with a Hard-case and a Soft bag for storage and protection, an airplane jack adapter, a 3.5mm-6.35mm jack adapter, an anti-tangle cable, an anti-tangle cable with iPhone with Mic/iPod/iPad control.

Lexar 32gb USB stick

I am including this large capacity USB stick for you to store your MP3 music files on to play on the Vincent SA-96 through its built in USB connector. These High Quality USB sticks are convenient, reliable portable storage devices with a retractable connector with a thumb slide which is compatible with both Mac & PC.

£25 iTunes Voucher

I am also including this voucher for you to buy music, films, games etc. which you can play on your iPhone/iPod/iPad or computer through this fantastic system from the world's top digital entertainment store.

The Pre-Amplifier retails at over £900.00 alone so come and get this fantastic high-end audio package for yourself or as a gift for that special someone.

I can arrange international delivery but please enquire about rates to send to your country.
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