Graham Slee Proprius Monoblock Power Amplifiers

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Location: Manchester, England
Date of listing: 06/10/2021

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More Information about Graham Slee Proprius Monoblock Power Amplifiers

I first listened to these amplifiers using a Convert Technologies Tempus unit as the sauce driving a pair of Shahinian compass loudspeakers and just couldn’t believe how good these amplifiers are. They defy their rated output offering a large scale, detailed, open and powerful performance all from a very small package. Ask about a home demonstration.

TNT Review

Having 'downgraded' from some serious valve amplication costing several times the asking price, the GSP combo didn't sound out-of-their-depth at all. No transistor amp (and only a couple of valve amps) has ever matched the sheer musicality and transparency of the sublime Yamamoto but the Majestic/ Proprius were not a million miles behind, sounding unusually sweet and open for a transistor design and certainly well able to control the bass of the M15 which has a tendency to looseness with many amps regardless of output. The monoblocks, hard against the speakers gave lovely soundstanging with great left-right definition if a little less depth and 'air' (hateful word) than the Yamamoto. Their control, detail and overall lack of grain or other nasties made them both easy to listen to and well able to demonstrate the difference between mixes and different components.
Geoff Husband, TNT-Audio July 2015


  • Power output (rms) measured 26 Watts into 8 Ohms; 45.5 Watts into 4 Ohms (ref 1% THD+N at 1kHz)
  • Power bandwidth at rated power into 8 Ohms 10Hz - 47kHz (-3dB), 20Hz - 25kHz (-1dB)
  • Power bandwidth at rated power into 4 Ohms 12Hz - 40kHz (-3dB)
  • Total harmonic distortion and noise at 8 Ohms 100Hz: 0.043%; 1kHz: 0.047%; 5kHz: 0.061%; 10kHz: 0.085%; 20kHz: 0.125%
  • Total harmonic distortion and noise at 4 Ohms 100Hz: 0.066%; 1kHz: 0.071%; 5kHz: 0.094%; 10kHz: 0.129%; 20kHz: 0.181%
  • Signal to noise ratio in dB "A-weighted": 87dB; 22Hz-22kHz "Q-pk": 80dB
  • Bias type Class Ab; Bias current: 60mA (approx.)
  • Input sensitivity for rated output 575mV rms
  • Short circuit protection Fuse and power supply shut-down (short circuits should be avoided to prevent component stresses)
  • Fuse F2A 5mm x 20mm (glass "quick-blow" fuse rated at 2A)
  • Power supply 48V DC, 120 Watt - self adjusting to AC mains 100V - 240V, 47 - 63 Hz; IEC cord supplied
  • Size (approx.) Amp W105 x H55 x D205 mm; Power supply W65 H40 D170 mm


More Information about HiFi In Touch

Thank you for viewing this item! HiFi In Touch is a small family business located in Cheshire, United Kingdom, which we launched during the spring of 2012. 

As well as providing this classifieds website we also manufacture our very own high-end, solid oak mains distribution blocks and are proud stockists of brands such as:

Convert Technologies
DAYENS amplifiers
Graham Slee
Hana phono cartridges
HiFi In Touch power distribution blocks
Origin Live
Q Accoustics

Soundsmith phono cartridges


Mail  or call 07795 605596 to discuss a product or arrange a demonstration.

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