Dussun V8i Integrated Amp Monster 500 WPC into 8 OHMS

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Location: Ellingham, Norfolk

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Some marks to casework, see photos
Mighty bass and detailed treble in hyper Class A
6 moons said:
The Dussun integrated is large. It measures 17" wide by 21" deep and nearly 9" tall and weighs a little over 82 pounds. The aluminum unit only comes in silver, with anodized sides and a brushed finish on the top and bottom. The metal remote is fairly well made, easy to use and provides control over the volume and switching between five inputs. It's also functional at distances well over 20 feet and works great off axis. Dussun manufactures in Shanghai and offers a three-year parts and labor warranty.
Gold-plated RCA jacks make up the five input connections with no provisions for XLR or digital inputs. The speaker terminals are large and accommodate spades or bananas. The posts are color coded, can be easily tightened to firmly grip and hold the largest of spades you may want to utilize. The internal preamp and power amplifier sections are externally joined by U-shaped links, which when removed provide independent access to either utility.
The unit comes with a detachable power cord and 2" wide rubber isolation feet that look as though they were borrowed from a Star Wars freighter. The overall fit of the unit is good but the stamped bottom plate fits a little loosely, requiring some manipulation to get back on. The interior layout of the components and wiring is clean and well organized. Soldering and circuit boards look like they have been assembled with care.
Dussun V8I specifications:
The specifications for the preamplifier section are as follows - input impedance of 47K ohms, voltage gain of 9.5dB +/-0.5dB, frequency response of 5Hz - 20KHz +/- 0.5dB, S/N ratio of 100dB (A-weighted), maximum output level of 12Vrms (THD 0. 1%) and THD + noise of 0.03% (10Hz- 20KHz, 1.5V).
The specifications for the amplifier are: input impedance of 100K ohms, voltage gain ofs 29.5dB +/- 0.5dB (1 kHz), power output of 250 and 500 watts into 8 and 4 ohms respectively, frequency response of 5Hz - 20KHz +/- 1dB, THD noise of 0.2% (20-20KHz 250W 8 ohm), damping factorofs 200 and S/N ratio ofs 116dB (A-weighted).
According to Dussun, its "Hyper Class A" circuit is a green Class A solution whose adaptive bias circuit monitors load behavior to guarantee Class A operation without wasteful power consumption and heat production. The inner layout is true dual mono with independent dedicated protection circuits that auto-diagnose probable overload and malfunction and act accordingly; and two ultra-low-noise toroidal transformers and over 60,000uF of filter capacitance per channel

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