World Audio Design 2A3 with full upgrades spare valves

Classification: Private Listing
Condition: 9/10
Location: Little Melton, UK

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A3 amp, parallel single ended, 8.5 watts of superb sound, used with SME 20 front end and Horning Aristotle speakers, dynamic transparent and beguiling sound. Can be used by itself or with my Border Patrol power supply (also for sale, listed two hours later) to give even more insight and deeper bass due to the almost unlimited HT supply from the BP. At the rear are two hum bucklers (potentiometers that can be used to achieve lowest possible hum on each channel). Six inputs, silver wired.
This World Audio amp was built by Nick Lucas himself and full upgrades were incorporated which were reviewed in HiFi World with the following observations:
Standard 2A3 PSE with Black Gates 
The standard version of the 2A3 plus Japanese Black Gate capacitors delivered a transparent and open sound with a good sense of lightness of detail. Also, the sound was full and rounded to a high degree, especially when used with a good, well balanced high sensitivity design such as Living Voice's Avatar OBX-R 'speakers, with their high quality external crossovers, that we used for the listening. 

Standard 2A3 PSE with Black Gates and Jensens

The version upgraded with Black gate and Jensen paper-in-oil capacitors has a forward and involving sound that excels with rhythm and speed like few esoteric low-watt valve designs can deliver. Pop and rock music had attack and speed mixed with that fine detail found in the amp's design, whilst classical discs had improved immediacy and involvement. Image depth and width was also very impressive.

Standard 2A3 PSE with Black Gates, Jensens and Kiwames

Adding the Kiwame resistors made very subtle but definite differences in the sound. The most obvious was an added touch of fluidity and cohesion and with classical music a good sense of smoothness was present, along with a touch of sweetness to the strings. Phrasing was also improved. Pop and rock was overall a touch more 'whole' and musical as opposed to purely audiophile.

Standard 2A3 PSE with Black Gates, Jensens, Kiwames and silver wire

The 'full Monty' upgrade including the silver wire adds more focus to the sound staging and greater sense of space between instruments which was especially evident in classical music.There was simply more 'space' to the sound. Rock and pop was again fast and immediate but also highly transparent, with superb low level detail.


C&K gold plated selector switch

22 position Switched volume control rather than potentiometer.

2 rectifier valves (Cetron 5R4 USA- my preferred- shown fitted to amp) and National 5U4 (the standard one). The review stated that the "5R4, which shares the same pin layout, will produce a slightly cleaner and fuller bodied sound."

Choice of a pair of 6 SN7 driver valves (Edicron  or much more expensive Raytheon shown in amp), both sets supplied

A new set of boxed 2A3 output valves

 IF you intend to purchase the Border patrol power supply, the lead for this will be wired in (just leave out the rectifier valve) and there will be no extra carriage. If no BS purchased the hole at rear will be blanked off.


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