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Dealer ListingEntreq Chalenger SII XLR 1.1m pair balanced interconnects
Seller: Emporium HiFi
Condition: 10/10
Location: Ellingham Nr. Bungay, United Kingdom
 Excellent, boxed....
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Dealer ListingBelden 1694a Digital coax - Canare RCAs
Seller: TM3Connections
Condition: 10/10
Location: Bristol, England
 Belden 1694a Digital Coax-Terminated Canare RCAs Transported high frequency digital signals a...
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Dealer ListingOscarsaudio Dark Angel interconnects
Seller: Oscarsaudio
Condition: NEW
Location: Essex, United Kingdom
 Oscarsaudio Dark Angel interconnects see website for details ...
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Kimber Select KS 6063 Speaker Cables
Seller: Luca
Condition: 10/10
Location: swansea, uk
 I have a pair of Kimber Select KS-6063 Speaker Cables available. The cables have been tes...
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Zavfino Fusion Hybrid MkII Pure Silver Interconnect (1.5m)
Seller: Garry Martin
Condition: 10/10
Location: Birmingham, England
 For sale - three-months-old Pure Silver RCA-RCA Interconnects recently imported from the USA. ...
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Flavio Ainsley
Seller: Flavio Ainsley
Condition: 10/10
Location: New York, USA
 Sonus Faber Liuto Speakers I have a pair of Sonus Faber Liuto speakers in Piano Black finish. ...
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Heavens Gate Audio
Seller: raym56
Condition: 10/10
Location: Workington, United Kingdom
1mtr pair of HGA interconnects for sale, Black/Blue braid, Silver/Copper hybrid construction, hand m...
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Verity Audio Amadis S
Seller: Fiona Esme
Condition: 10/10
Location: Brussels, Belgium
 I am the original owner of the Verity Amadis S.  They are the latest version with the iso...
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Kimber Kable 8AG Silver Speaker cable 2m long
Condition: 10/10
Location: London, United Kingdom
 selling 2m of Kimber speaker kable only used for shows and demos for 900.00 i also have a bi ...
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Nordost Valhalla V2- Reference Speaker Cable 3 meters
Seller: Maudio21
Condition: 10/10
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Nordost Valhalla V2 Reference speaker Cables 3 meter. excellent cables the best even made like new. ...
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Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cable 2m pair
Seller: zopa
Condition: 10/10
Location: Leatherhead, United Kingdom
Professioanl 96 hour directional burn in using Nordost Vidar cable burner for the ultimate performan...
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Seller: C&N Acoustics
Condition: NEW
Location: St Helens, United Kingdom
  Maestro Mains is a valuable addition for those people that want to cleanse any unwanted RFI...
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Seller: C&N Acoustics
Condition: NEW
Location: St Helens, United Kingdom
 As our flagship interconnect, we use individual low loss cables, and weld them in a certain p...
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Bose acoustimass lifestyle 20 5 pin sub woofer cable
Seller: na
Condition: 1/10
Location: Woking, ENgland
WANTED Bose lifestyle 20 subwoofer 5 pin audio input cable to acoustimass. Lost in house move....
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Audiocadabra™ Ultimus4™ Solid-Silver SuperQuiet™ USB Cables
Seller: Audiocadabra
Condition: NEW
Location: <<<<<,
'Stay at home' sale! Choose any length for the same sale price! Free upgrade to expedited shipping o...
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Audiocadabra Ultimus4™ Solid-Silver SuperClear™ RCA Cords
Seller: Audiocadabra
Condition: NEW
Location: <<<<<,
Set the tone of your listening experience with Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted SuperClear&tra...
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Transparent MusicWave Ultra (MM1) 3m pair speaker cables
Seller: regularjoe
Condition: 10/10
Location: Worcester Park, UK
1 pair of Transparent MusicWave Ultra speaker cables (MM1 model). 3m length (each side). Original C...
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2 Cardas Golden Cross high end cables - 7m each!
Seller: J Crawley
Condition: 9/10
Location: Beverley, UK
These Golden Cross 7 metre long high-end cables were a special order for me, made by the American (O...
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