Luxman M-200 Power Amplifier

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Date of listing: 09/10/2021

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More Information about Luxman M-200 Power Amplifier

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New from Luxman is the M-200, a highly capable and versatile power amplifier which has a B4 sized enclosure and features Luxman specialist high sound quality amplification circuits.

M-200 is designed to be portable and completely compatible with fresh new audio source components and high performance audio applications coming to market, such as computer music sources. What’s more, its rated output is 25W+25W(8Ω), concentrating on the ultimate sound quality rather than specmanship quantity.

As a high quality stereo amplifier, M-200 can be used with various audio components, such as the USB D/A converter DA-200 with high-grade built-in potentiometers and pre-amplification circuit which was launched last autumn. When used in combination with M-200 and connected to PC or Mac via a USB cable, you will experience a rich and detailed musical experience, no matter whether using digital or analog audio sources.

Furthermore, in BTL mode M-200 can work as a mono amplifier with 70W(8Ω) output to achieve greater driving forces for large-caliber speakers. You can also activate/deactivate its built-in pre-amplifier and add discrete pre-amplification if you prefer to do so, making the M-200 highly versatile in a variety of applications.

The front panel display is able to process and track reproduced signals in real-time. It is also equipped with a digital power meter (backlighting can be switched off), which can be switched between Speaker Impedance, Hold Time and other digital settings. All the above provide you a visual and informative feast while enjoying the music.

Instead of rigidly adhering to the traditional audio forms, M-200 introduces modern high performance parts and assemblies that will meet the requirements of the most demanding audiophile. This LUXMAN fully-featured new product provides both beginners and hi-fi experts with a wide variety of audio solutions.

M-200 Features

 A portable design with the same size as LUXMAN200 series (DA-200/P-200 etc.).
- 25W+25W (8Ω) Output, compatible with high performance bookcase styled AV products
- Stand-alone unit featuring high quality parts of outstanding sonic ability
- BLT Mode, allowing a pair to be used as two high quality and high power M-200 mono amplifiers.
- High current speaker driving ability, utilizing PC150W type high capability power transistors.
- High quality power supply with the combination of advanced-regulation power transformer and high storage capacitors(5,2000uF×2 PCS).
- Adopts Schottky Barrier Diodes from Japan Inter company with characteristics of low switching noise and high DC changing frequency.
- LR structure in parallel with low impedance speaker relay, supporting high operation performance.
- Implements Luxman traditional round pattern PCBs, spiral wrap shield wiring, and customized components.
- Ground loop free chassis structure to eliminate earth
- impedance rise due to circulating currents in the chassis
- Balanced input terminals (XLR) to carry high quality balanced signals.
- 18mm-pitch unbalanced input terminals(RCA), making it possible to use high sound quality power cord with a large plug.
- Newly-developed speaker terminals of inline(identical with LR)layout, can be connected with Y-type connectors and banana connectors.
- Utilizes multi-functional (brightness adjustment, speaker impedance, hold time) display of high visual performance 7 segment LED.
- Besides Direct input mode, a variable input mode is also available to connect source units directly such as a CD player.
- Convenient balanced input phase switch to connect a variety of source components (preamplifier/CD player).
- Supplied with standard Luxman power cord with no twist construction
Item Value
General description Stereo Power Amplifier
Continuous Rate Output (Stereo/gain ) 25W+25W(8Ω),
Continuous Rate Input (BTL Mono/gain) 70W(8Ω)/29 dB
Input Sensitivity 1.0V/25W(8Ω)
Input Impedance 16kΩ
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.002%(1kHz(+0, -0.1dB)
0.04%(20Hz~20kHz /8Ω/25W)
Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz(+0, -0.1dB)
10Hz~100kHz(+0, -3.0dB)
Signal-to-Noise 109dB (IHF-A)
Input Sensitivity 1.0V/25W(8Ω)
Input Unbalance (RCA) x 1,
Balance (XLR) x 1
Output Large speaker terminal x 1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 364 ×81 × 295 (mm)
Net weight 6.3kg







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