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Proud new stockists of Dayens stunning amplifiers!

In addition to providing the HiFi In Touch website, HiFi In Touch also manufacture a range of high performance mains distribution blocks. Improving the mains supply to audio/visual equipment is one of the most cost effective upgrades to be made. HiFi In Touch mains blocks provide a very high quality connection to your system often resulting in a significant improvement in both sound and picture quality - less like Hi Fi and more like real music.

Our standard high performance distribution blocks are connected with high current, Teflon coated silver plated wire offering exceptional value for money.

Our next level distribution block uses very high purity, continuous cast copper wire (probably the best copper wire currently available) raising performance even further. Expect to hear lower and better defined bass, clearer and smoother treble and great integration. By any standards this is a superb sounding mains block.

Our top of the line distribution blocks are connected with 99.999% very pure silver wire bringing a level of performance that in our opinion, only pure silver can deliver. It does everything the continuous cast copper version does and more. Expect to hear more detail, lightning fast transients and a smooth, believable and musical presentation. High purity Silver has a magic that is hard to explain but once heard it is very hard to go back.

Whilst we do carry some stock, our mains blocks are generally made to order so there may be a small delay in fulfilling your order. Please contact us with regards to current lead times.

We have a very flexible approach, if you require a custom build just ask we proably will be able to help.

Click on the green PDF button to view specification options & prices.

Take a look at our HIFI PIG review http://hifipig.com/category/hifi-reviews/cables-accessories/



Recieved January 2016 (8 way Signature high purity silver wiring)

This is the distribution block by which all others are compared. It is itruly stunning. I've used filters, conditioners etc & this is a quantum leap in terms of the complete spectrum of improvements. Considering the profound audible upgrade, it is a tremendous bargain.
If you own a high-end hi-fi system then you have to audition the Signature Block.


Recieved January 2016 (2 way high purity continuouse cast copper wiring)

Hi Trevor,
Just wanted to let you know the mains block arrived safely. I'm delighted with it, it has completely opened up the whole sound. I'm hearing things so much more clearly, aswell as detail I hadn't heard before. I'm now sat listening to cds and dvds all over again it's that good. It's definitely a product that everyone should know about and I will make a point of telling all my friends and colleagues. Many thanks again , I will talk to you soon.


Recieved Oct 2015 (6 way silver plated wiring)

I Contacted Trevor regarding the 6 way mains distribution block after seeing a review of it on HiFi Pig. Trevor was very pleasant and helpful over the phone, checking my requirements and making sure that the power block was suitable. The mains cable I specified was not in stock, but Trevor provided me with a loan cable so that he could send me the mains block itself by next day delivery. The block arrived as scheduled in very good packaging. The block itself is excellently made, and, being made of wood, is almost a piece of furniture. No need to hide it away at the back of the rack!

As to the sound, after re plugging my system everything sounds less fatiguing, I can play louder and it's just 'better'. So, I'm a very happy customer!"



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